The east part

East part of Etosha-National-Park

This national park was founded in 1907 as to that time biggest game- reservation (100.000 kmē) of the world. Today the park has 22.270 kmē. The pan takes 4.600 kmē of the park. Fort Namutoni In the east part Namutoni-rest -camp with its camping place, bungalows and the hotel in the fort is the starting point for the drive from drain hole to drain hole. At night the watering place of Namutoni is illuminated.

Fort Namutoni

Blue wildebeest Fort Namutoni was built in 1903 by the "Deutsche Schutztruppe" (colonial troups). It was distroyed in 1904 and built up again as it is today in 1906. Etosha-pan

Blue wildebeest


Andoni was the watering-place where we saw the biggest group of animals at one place (Gemsboks, Springbocks, Zebras, Blue wildebeests, Ostrichs, Warthogs) Everywhere in the whole park we saw lots of various birds.

Andoni watering place

The pan is a big lake, which has no draining of and nearly no affluent. The water evaporates very fast, so the most time it is dry.

Andoni watering-place

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