The west part

West part of Etosha-National-Park

The "Märchenwald" (fairy forest) is made of Moringa trees (Moringa ovalifolia). On this place these trees grow on a plain.


Normaly Moringa ovalifolia grows on rocks. There they have straight and slim trunks. The "Märchenwald" includes ca. 1 km².



Okaukuejo is the Rest-camp of this part of the nationalpark. It contains a camping-site, places for grilling for day-visitors and Rondavels you can rent. It has a watering place which is illuminated at night.



Rhinoceroses we saw priority at night at the illuminated watering places. This Rhinoceros tryed to ram our car, because we did not see it in the bush near the street and so drove too near along it.


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