Homeland of the Damara

On the farm Bertram stands the "Fingerklipp" (35 m tall). You can walk to the foot of it. There you will have a very nice view of the Ugab-terraces in form of table-mountains along the Ugab valley.
Fingerklipp Ugab-terraces


In the west of Khorixas, the capital of this homeland, you can find two petrified woods, one of it organized for tourists and the other not. The petrified trees are ca. 300 million years old. They probably washed ashore to this place of discovery. We visited both.
A part petrified wood A piece of petrified wood One petrified tree ot the second place
A petrified tree in the second wood
The walk to the rock engravings in Twyfelfontein begins at the ruins of the former farmhouse. The engravings are between 500 and 10.000 years old and are the most famous of Namibia. Rock engravings
Rock engravings
orgelp.jpg (120730 Byte) The "Organ-pipes" are pillars out of basalt. They came to being ca. 120 million years ago.
Valley of Organ-pipes
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